Xerox Flash – Self-Aware Editions

Xerox Paper Prints, A3, 2019

Created specifically for a one-off show celebrating the mighty Xerox copier at Conclave Gallery, Brighton, these prints consist of ‘self-aware’ numbers that refer directly to their print edition number and the sole purpose of their existence as copies; the copy is the original.

Overlaying acetates and making the amount of copies that the added number states gives birth to natural limited editions, from only 1 print of the number 1 in each group, leading up to 5 prints of the 5 overlaid numbers.

The typefaces used are (top to bottom) Vexier, Helvetica and Bombere. This act of celebrating some of the best typefaces Letraset had to offer sits very comfortably next to the wonder of the Xerox machine in the pre-digital world.

These limited prints are available for £20 each at Conclave Gallery, Brighton in the Xerox Flash show from 7th-22nd September, 2019 and onwards.