Woanders In Dreamdom

As folk tales from the past are whispered from one generation to the next, Woanders In Dreamdom aims to highlight the strength and beauty of early/mid 20th century photographs, build on and enhance their shape and form but most importantly of all, give birth to narratives that are rooted in the world of dreams, where characters clash or unite with one another, in the most unconventional of ways.

The ever-expanding cast of Woanders In Dreamdom interacts with me as I travel through this found world. Each piece of work is accompanied by two sentences thrust together in the same manner as a onecut, sometimes nonsensical but always an instant and urgent revelation of story. Just as the narrative in my dreams flashes from one thing to another, lightning fast, so too does the imagery, sometimes unnerving, sometimes harmonious and pleasing but always close to the precipice of nightmare.

I thought I’d created the word ‘woanders‘ as a hybrid of ‘wonders‘ and ‘wanders‘. It seemed the right amalgamation of noun and verb, both suiting dream settings as well as existing as a spliced hybrid word itself – perfectly representing the onecut ethos. However, in addition to this, I discovered that it is indeed a word. It exists already in Germany. ‘Woanders‘ means ‘Elsewhere‘. Elsewhere in Dreamdom.