The Trees: Our Masters

Paper Collage, 2018-2019

Completed late 2019, ‘The Trees: Our Masters’ centres around the premise of humans living in a world where the Trees of this world are granted the reality star/football star type status rarely given to the ubiquitous and understated. I wanted to deservedly turn the norm on it’s head; celebrating the true life-giving talents of those that we take for granted – The Trees: Our Masters.
By combining various 20th Century magazine and book ephemera, using onecut and multicut techniques, I hope to reveal snapshots from this alternative world/time, where trees are afforded celebrity status and rightfully lauded as legends.

The final 3 pieces in the gallery selection (below) were sold during the Royal College of Art ‘Secret 2018’ exhibition.

All the other pieces are available to purchase – all enquiries via email please.