Chi Troppo Vuole Nulla Stringe

Chi Troppo Vuole Nulla Stringe (Grasp all, lose all)

Ink & Watercolour, Digital Composition, 2019

Created as my 2019 submission for the Glyndebourne Art Tour Competition, this piece is intended to sum up three separate operas as well as convening to the theme of ‘Lost & Found’.

The hands and the objects they hold are central to each featured Opera’s storyline: Rinaldo – Wand, Rigoletto – Knife & L’Elisir D’Amore – Love Potion.

To have and to hold, to give and take; the hands are our tools to grasp all, and ultimately, lose all. My artwork attempts to convey this on three fronts: using the graphical ‘MacGuffin’ objects from each storyline, the organic ink lines of the hands and the dramatic layering of fluid watercolour.

The main image is the final submission, the four below that were the variants I was shortlisting from.