Framed Onecuts

I have 5 framed originals from the C.O.T.Y./Woanders In Dreamdom series up for sale. At a nice round £100 each (postage included for U.K. buyers) they are a bargain. Up on my site here for sale. Contact me if you have any questions or want to buy buy buy.


If I Only Had A Heart

“Just because I’m presumin’, That I could be kind of human, If I only had a heart”

“I’d be friends with the sparrows, And the boy that shoots the arrows, If I only had a heart”

“I could stay young and chipper, And I’d lock it with a zipper, If I only had a heart”

Paper Collage

I’ve donated 3 pieces of original artwork to the @heartresearchuk #anonartproject – all pieces will be auctioned on eBay from 4th – 13th October to raise money to take on heart disease. Get your live auction alert here:

I will also have a limited print run of these pieces available soon, come back for updates!