Louis TF is based at Red Herring Studios in Brighton & Hove, England. He makes onecuts, multicuts and other forms of collage, as well as drawings in pencil, ink, charcoal and pastel.

Exploring humanity’s reliance on chance and the serendipitous seconds that give rise to a revelation of character or a twist in a tale, Louis works as an ‘image editor’ creating urgent artworks that turn existing visual narratives on their head. His work is often constructed of many different forms that play with positive and negative space, sometimes within existing imagery, reversing any dominant roles and hence changing the subject matter entirely. The revelation is one of a parallel world that exists side by side with ours.

Louis’ work appears as print series editions in galleries, in editorial formats, and has also featured on record sleeves, posters and clothing. Prints and originals of some of Louis’ work can be purchased directly through this site, see the shop pages for details.

Interested in commissioning or purchasing original work? Please use the contact form to discuss your requests and requirements. Louis can work with you on an original, custom piece, whether it be personal, design, editorial, or anything else.