Brighton & Hove based artist Louis TF employs art as a tool to reveal parallel worlds that exist side by side one another – primarily highlighting the past/present, analog/digital clashes that ripple throughout modern western societies and addressing our obsessions with the strive for perfection and our strident desires that allow technologies to seemingly enhance our lives, versus the unsung and forgotten – The tangible tangentials – the glorious imperfections of yesteryear.

Louis has developed into an ‘image editor’ ; creating urgent artworks formed from his own drawings and found materials. His onecuts and multicuts turn existing visual narratives on their head – exploring humanity’s reliance on chance and the serendipitous seconds that give rise to sudden revelations of character or twists in a tale. The anomalous storytelling of these collage artworks speak of immediate/sudden narrative clashes, the fragments of images aiding him to propel the past into the present, and championing their new found life as works of art-anachronisms. As much of the source material as possible is retained within many collage projects, whether paper-margins, borders or credits, the presence of such details are deemed essential in the anchoring of them to their analog heritage whilst acknowledging the beauty of the source material.

Louis’ drawings are often constructed of differing ubiquitous forms that play with positive and negative space, his visual language intentionally pairing contrasting/similar shapes, colours and forms to create tension/harmony that aid in forming the symbolism that is prevalent in his mark-making.


Originally from London, Louis TF is now based at Red Herring Studios in Brighton & Hove. Past and present work has featured in galleries, in editorial formats, on products for clients via outsourced design studio work and has also featured on record sleeves, posters and clothing.

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