Baby Loves Black & White – Grid Drawings

Images in Black & White are a lot easier for babies to see and that’s why they make good gifts for friends who’ve just been through one of the greatest (and toughest) experiences of their lives and had a child! 12 boxes are filled with bits and bobs that are pertinent to the child in question and some are left for me to play with!

If you want to commission a Baby Grid drawing just contact me and I’ll get back to you with a few questions and then I can rustle something up for you!

Drawing Portraits

It was my wife’s birthday recently, so I drew her a couple of pencil portraits of our children.

An analogy I’ve always used for our children’s characters is that one is ‘RADA’ and one is ‘Musical Theatre’. Can you guess which is which?

I’m always up for a commission, feel free to get in touch for info on timings, prices etc.



My son has now been saying em-oh-gee whenever something blows his mind (it’s at least a daily event when you’re a kid) and I’ve just figured out it’s because he’s got OMG a little mixed up.

#TMCAMTD – The Last Boss


My Son had a buddy over for a playdate after school and I listened in on them and my daughter (the youngest of the 3) role-playing something…

Son’s Friend: …okay okay, if you’re the boss I wanna be the second boss.

Son: Okay. So I’m the boss and you’re the second boss.

Daughter: Yeah, okay, and if you’re the boss and he’s second boss, I wanna be the LAST boss.

Son & Friend: …Okay.

#TMCAMTD – Jumping Antelope

We have been talking about animals that can jump for the past 5 minutes…

Me: …And Antelopes! They’re excellent at running and jumping.

Daughter: The lovely beautiful ones Daddy? They have horns?

Me: Yes! (She loves them! How sweet!) They would jump SO high if they were here now, they’d be SO happy to see you!

Daughter: …Oh no Daddy. The horns would spike (Gestures with fingers upwards and shouts BANG!) the ceiling.

#TMCAMTD – Swimming Hat

Me: …so you’ll need to make sure you  wear your swimming hat buddy.

Son: Okay.

(He looks at me and my wife. He is thinking. Obviously.)

Son: Is it a humungous giant hat? Like a Mr Wonka Hat daddy?

Me: Er, no, professional swimmers stopped wearing those a while back.