‘CHAS’ stand for ‘Chiswick Horticultural & Allotments Society’ and this is their new Logo which I’ve had the pleasure of designing.

This isn’t my usual sort of gig, I steer away from the computer and drawing programs as much as possible, but they are great for manipulating and colouring hand-drawn illustrations. This was all hand-drawn with pencil and then ink. For me, slight imperfections make this work but I’m sure if this was a huge company’s logo, it’d need to be mathematically/geometrically perfect and hit all the ‘right’ algorithms.

The idea of a Red Onion and its white/red layers jumped out immediately due to the mirrored curves of the ‘C’ and the ‘S’ at the end, with the ‘H’ and the ‘A’ in between bringing the brain back to the fact that these are letters. I think I found the right balance of illustrative representation without losing the ‘readability’.

I believe they’re eventually going to stick with the plain Red design which I agree is the best suited overall.

Here’s the society’s homepage, maybe you’ll see the new logo on here soon? http://growchiswick.org/